Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day To Remember

Today is my "little" man's birthday and I can still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. It all began on March 26, 2006. I was still working at the INEEL at that time and I was talking to Joe's cousin, Misti, in her office when I decided it was time to get back to work and eat lunch : ). I stood up and looked at Misti and told her that I thought I had just peed my pants. She looked at me like, Okay, so go to the bathroom and get out of my office, but she is much too polite to ever say that out loud. So I started walking down the hall to get to the bathroom when I realized my water is breaking and I better run for it or I am not going to make it. She here comes this enormous buffalo running down the hall, 9 months pregnant and trying to push people out of her way to get to the bathroom. I must have looked totally crazy! I made it to the bathroom just in time, and as I sat there I thought to myself, how in the world am I going to make it to my friend and boss, Kally, office without leaking all over the place and embarrassing myself further? Well, there was no way around so I snuck my way there and started crying as soon as I got to her office. "Kally, my water just broke, I need you to take me to the hospital. But first, let me tell you all the things I am working on that need to be finished since I won't see you for 6 weeks". She called Joe and we made our way there about 30 minutes later. Joe and I were so naive, I remember thinking "Oh no, my mom won't make it here in time to see me give birth". Don't you just hate it when people are stupid? The nurse asked me if I was in any pain and when I said no I thought to myself this is going to be so easy, why does anyone complain or get drugs? I got my answer just 30 minutes later when I had to endure 9 hours of hard labor just to get dilated to a 3. And throughout those 9 hours I was so drugged and still in so much pain that I was literally screaming with each contraction. Never give a woman in pain less social awareness. Once I got to a 3 I was finally able to get my epidural, which I acted ridiculous for that as well. I remember the anesthesiologist telling me to settle down or he would not be able to insert the tube, and I thought I am seriously going to scratch this man's eyes out. After that it was only ANOTHER 9 hours and finally I had my baby, March 27, 2002, 9lbs 21 inches. They placed him in my arms and I remember thinking, YUCK, how should I hold him he is sticky and gross. But he was still the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. His face was really puffy from being stuck in the birth canal so long and he kept squawking rather than crying. It was a glorious sound. I was so tired and out of it but still aware enough to be embarrassed when my father in law, Dave, walked in while I was still being stitched up and kept looking over to me to tell me how beautiful my son was. I guess not much phases a Balmforth man! Taylor, you are as beautiful to me today, as you were 7 years ago. I knew right there and then you were someone so special that I had better be the mom you needed. I'm still not sure if I am or not but I adore you! You are everything to me and your dad and we love you more than any word could ever express or define. Thank you for coming into our lives and making us whole. Your love has entered into every empty space in our hearts and made us need you in our lives for eternity. Every day with you is definitely an adventure. I look forward to watching you grow, learn and excel. Happy Birthday Tator Bugs!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sugar-Salem Tournament

Last weeks tournament went really well for the Balmforths. Taylor took 3rd place in Bantam 55lbs for folk style and 1st place for freestyle. He also won Outstanding Wrestler for Bantam all weight divisions for freestyle. This tournament hosted both folk and free style which makes for a very long day. Joe took Taylor to weigh in at 7:30am and we got home around 8:00pm. As long as the kids are having fun right? Gratefully, I left the girls with grandma and grandpa Balmforth so I could enjoy the day with Taylor.
My nephew Braxton also did very well. He took 1st place 60lbs in Folk and Freestyle and took the Outstanding Wrestler for Intermediate all weight divisions.

My other nephew Taylor Yates wrestled his first match in Utah at the Mountain Top Tournament which is very competitive. He took 1st place Pre-Bantam 45lbs for freestyle.

Great job my little wrestlers!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Andrew Blanchard Coaches Team to State Victory

My brother, Head Coach Andrew Blanchard, has done it! He has coached an amazing group of ladies to the 4A girls basketball State Championship! Did I mention that this is his first year as a head coach? His ability to coach and command the respect of his team coupled with the teams talent has led to a winning combination. Andrew, I am so proud of the man that you are and the coach you have become. You have such a talent for anticipating and gauging the plays of the other team. It is what made you a great player and now an excellent coach. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Congratulations for your success and a high five to your team! Great job ladies!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Scary Hairy

Before you jump to conclusions about what this is, let me explain. My good friend Chris Russells husband John loves to grow what I call a mountain man beard. He grows this big bushy red, thick and coarse beard that is quite the sensation. He grows this monstrosity every year and every year I give him crap because, well, I hate it. He is such a handsome man that I can't stand it when he grows a beard. I think beards are ugly, sorry mountain men everywhere, but I hate them!! So, every time I see John I make a complete fool of myself by asking him, "When are you going to shave that thing", or "That is so ugly, shave it off". Basically, I could not shut up about the stupid thing. So on the day of our Super Bowl party, his father-in-law Mike Carter shows up with an unexpected present for me. Lo' and behold, John had shaved his beard and had saved it for me. I immediately had to call him to tell him how much I loved his little "present". He originally intended mailing it to me but wondered what I might make of it if an explanation had not been provided. (It might have been mistaken for something else):) So then we spoke about what I should do with this glorious hair. He suggested I could use it as a scrub brush for my dishes or perhaps for scrubbing the ring around my tub. He is so great, always full of helpful ideas. If anyone knows John, they know he is a prankster (so is Chris by the way). So, good job John, you got me. Now, I will finally throw it in the garbage, I have loved it for long enough.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coupon Shopping at Albertsons

I had an exciting morning today that began at 3:00am. After staying up until 11:30pm downloading and printing off coupons, I slept briefly and picked up my sister-in-law Adrienne at 3:45am and we headed to the "big" sale at Albertsons. This weeks ad was buy 10 items of specific products and get a $10.00 off coupon afterward. So, there was a lot of counting and a lot of individual transactions because you had to buy in increments of 10 in order to use the $10.00 off coupon for your next transaction. I'm not sure if all Albertsons are this way, but the one in Idaho Falls is and we love it. The store opened at 4:00am and when we arrived at 3:58am, there was already a line. There were so many people and the transactions took so long that I ended up giving my other sister-in-law Steph and her friend a ride home so she could leave her car with two other ladies she came with because they were going to be another 2 hours. I made it home by 6:30am, just in time for Joe to run out the door for work. Just call us the crazy coupon ladies.

So here is the extent of my savings.
I bought:100 cans of Progresso Soup, 79 boxes of cereal (1 lb ea), 22 bags of 8.75 oz Chex Mix, 12 tubes of Pillsbury grand biscuits (8 ea), 38 boxes of Pillsbury Toaster Streudal (6 ea), 3 tubes Pillsbury crescent rolls (8 ea), 7 ready to bake Pillsbury Cookie tubes (16.5oz), 40 boxes of fruit snacks (6 ea), 39 boxes of cereal bars (6 ea).

I spent $353.95, plus I still have 6 $10.00 off coupons that I can still use at the store, and I earned 60 cents off each gallon of gas I buy from there up to 20 gallons which totals $12.00. And according to Albertsons I saved $780.50 off their regular prices.

I am so grateful to my sister-in-law Stephanie for introducing me to this great method of saving money. It takes very little effort and the savings are enormous. Just remember, you buy the items before you need them in order to save money. Its a great way to build up your food storage. If you are interested in saving money go to the following websites for coupons:,,,,, and to name a few. HAPPY SAVING!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Draper Temple

Our family went to Utah this weekend to tour the Draper Temple with my parents, brothers, sister, and their families. It was so gorgeous. The colors that were used were amazing and every intricate detail was perfection. My favorite part of the tour was when we all sat in one of the sealing rooms as a family. I became teary eyed at the realization that my whole family has never been at the temple together. I hope it is not the last time we are together in the temple. I told my brother-in-law Justin that I made good on my promise that one day I would get him to the temple. (And they said it couldn't be done)My dad topped it off by treating us all to dinner. Thank you so much mom and dad for bringing us together for such an uplifting event and for all that you do. I am so grateful to be born into the covenant and to have my own eternal family. Thank you for the examples that you are and for never giving up on me even though the caused seemed lost. All my love and appreciation to you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

We hosted the annual Balmforth Super Bowl Party and I have to say that it was pretty exciting. I actually watched the 4th quarter of the game. My little guy Taylor was so devastated when the Cardinals lost. The first football jersey we ever bought him was a Cardinals Boldin Jersey. I really thought they would pull it off. The girls typically stay upstairs (by all the food) chatting and eating; while the boys go downstairs to the big screen. The only flaw in our plan is that the kids run around like wild animals making it hard for the boys to "hear" the game. What's to hear? You can watch the game right? I am apparently missing something. Oh well, I like the noise, its part of the fun.(Just ask any Blanchard) We had such a great time!